Running Zotero + MS Word di Wine

Posted By Darlin on Mar 16, 2015 | 11:45 PM

  1. Install Office 2010 dan Firefox di Wine
  2. Buka firefox, download dan install Restart
  3. masih di firefox download dan install plugin zotero untuk MS Word ( Restart
  4. Masuk ke /home/%user%/.wine/drive_c/users/"namacomputermu"/Application Data/Microsoft/Word/STARTUP/. Ganti file "" dengan ini
  5. Buka firefox, aktifkan zotero.
  6. Buka MS Word
  7. Everything should work!

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  1. Dear Sudarlin,

    Mind sharing this instruction in English for me to follow?



    1. 1. Install Office 2010 and Firefox on Wine

      2. Open Firefox, download and install zotero, then restart

      3. Still on firefox, download and install zotero plugin for MS Word ( Restart

      4. On directory /home/%user%/.wine/drive_c/users/%user%/Application Data/Microsoft/Word/STARTUP/. Substitute "" file with this

      5. Open firefox, then zotero plugin.

      6.Open MS Word

      7. Everything should work!

    2. Dear Sudarlin,

      Thank you very much! I have added your valuable instructions to the Zotero Wiki: